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since 2018

J2CREATORS: innovative and responsible architecture with a positive impact

The collaboration between both partners dates back to 1998. Jeen Pot and Jos van Heerde began their journey at the HTS in Groningen. According to both partners, knowing how to construct a building is an essential element to truly achieve good architecture.

Continuing their education at the TU Delft was a logical next step to further develop their knowledge and skills. In 2007, they jointly wrote their thesis "Dynamic Architecture along the Dutch Coastline" and graduated cum laude.

foto of Jeen and Jos sketching and designing
interior of the burned down Architectural faculty of the Technical University in Delft

Since 2018, they operate under the name J2Creators. The firm works with a creative team united by a single mission:

"We design buildings that are more than just dwellings or workplaces. They are instruments, buildings that energize you."

The founders, Jeen Pot and Jos van Heerde, bring a wealth of experience and expertise. With backgrounds at leading architectural firms and an impressive track record in delivering various projects, they are committed to providing high-quality designs for offices, residential, and commercial en public buildings. Striking the perfect balance between a Nordic-chic style and industrial efficiency, they deliver designs that are not only visually appealing but also perfectly meet the needs of their clients and stakeholders. They create smart and innovative solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and have a positive impact on the world around us.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is also an essential part of their business philosophy. They hold a board position at de Haagse Uitdaging, reflecting their dedication to creating a positive impact, not only through their designs but also through their social engagement.

portret photograph of jeen pot

Ir. Jeen Pot

With a work history of 2 years at Olaf Gipser Architects in Amsterdam and 10 years at the Delft-based firm cepezed, Jeen has completed an extensive range of assignments. His portfolio includes projects in office and utility buildings, as well as in the industry and mobility sectors.

Since the founding of J2Creators, he has applied the same determination and conviction to various corporate and private clients. No task is too complicated; every new challenge is a puzzle he eagerly tackles.

He combines a broad interest in building technology, regulations, and computer techniques with an unwavering belief that no challenge is insurmountable.

portret photograph of jos van heerde

Ir. Jos van Heerde

After completing his studies, Jos van Heerde worked at Archipelontwerpers, where rooftop additions were one of the specialties. There, he was involved in various projects, including the vision for Green Island in Kuwait, large-scale transformations, and new residential construction projects.

In 2008, he founded DJØST - studio for architecture and design, driven by a philosophy of integral design. His emphasis was on both exterior and interior design, creating a symbiosis between indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to numerous total renovations, he also designed several high-end villas in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal. With his ability to intertwine client desires with his own vision, he has created refined residential spaces that exude a sense of luxury and comfort.