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We design innovative and sustainable solutions that not only meet current needs but are also prepared for future developments. Our contextual approach combined with an analytical design process, in close collaboration with our clients and other disciplines, results in creations that energize people.

Jos and Jeen sketching new designs in the office in The Hague
fine details make or break a building design

We create minimalist comprehensive designs with a focus on the use of natural and honest materials. The stunning design of natural and artificial light and the seamless integration of structural and technical elements are essential in this process. We call this our Nordic-chic style, which allows us to consistently achieve warm and serene designs. We apply architectural interventions only where they have a genuinely positive effect, and we do this in an industrially efficient way, making the design a luxurious yet affordable custom product.

With our extensive experience, we have developed expertise in a range of disciplines, from commercial and residential construction to infrastructure and industrial buildings. This enables us to offer targeted solutions that align with the unique needs and vision of our clients. Our passion for craftsmanship and innovation constantly drives us to push boundaries and demonstrate that comprehensive knowledge and collaboration are key to achieving extraordinary results. We do not limit ourselves to a single construction method or principle but always strive for the most efficient building solutions. For every challenge, we seek the best and most optimal answer, which often results in a high degree of prefabrication or modular construction methods.

We approach each project from a broad perspective and offer innovative solutions that go beyond conventional boundaries. Whether it involves the construction of a luxury villa or a commercial building, we strive to integrate every aspect of the project into a harmonious whole. Our approach is all-inclusive, leaving no detail unaddressed within the assignment and aiming for perfection in every element of our work. This also applies when we collaborate with our existing and new (design) partners.

We respect and integrate the unique characteristics of each location into our designs, both for transformations and newbuilds. Through continuous innovation, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of user needs, we create designs that are both functional and aesthetically appealing, making a positive impact on the world around us. This fulfills our mission: "designing buildings that energize you."


We design each project with an iterative process, carefully tailored to the needs and desires of the client, ensuring it becomes an optimally functioning instrument within the local context. We explore factors such as location, history of the environment, natural elements, and the landscape to understand and integrate the unique properties of the site into the design process. This contextual approach is closely intertwined with a thorough analytical design process. By investigating the "underlying question" we uncover hidden needs and concerns. We achieve this through in-depth conversations and active listening to our clients, users, and other stakeholders. This results in a unique Program of Requirements and Wishes (PR&W) that influences various aspects of the design, such as functional needs, user requirements, sustainability, and budgetary constraints. These insights provide us with the necessary information to make well-informed design decisions.

photograph of a cozy and light interior beautifully sunlit with fully glazed corner situated in the nature

The result is a design in which we, together with our client, explore and develop multiple ideas and concepts. This design continually evolves as we receive feedback, gain new insights, and refine our approach. Through close collaboration with our clients and other stakeholders, we consistently achieve a perfectly fitting design, thanks to optimal cooperation and a deep understanding of their wishes.


For us, architecture is not merely a form but a dynamic process that adapts to the needs of society. We embrace adaptive, sustainable architecture that responds to both the present and the future. Our designs integrate innovative and eco-friendly solutions, making them aesthetically pleasing while contributing to a sustainable and resilient living environment. For us, architecture goes beyond creating structures: it's about shaping a lifestyle that harmonizes with the world around us.

Given the limited natural resources on Earth, our ultimate goal is to use no new materials and focus on maximum reuse. This requires smart and innovative designs and more efficient use of products. Transformations are inherently a sustainable solution. We believe that adaptive and demountable concepts are of great importance and are key to good investments.

rendering of urban concept plan integrating newbuilds in existing greenery

moodboard with the characteristic expression of our unique nordic chique style

This not only positively impacts the potential for reuse but also facilitates future renovations.

In both new and existing properties, we strive to optimize energy consumption on multiple levels, focusing on sustainable generation and reducing usage. Only by aligning these two aspects can we achieve the perfect balance.

We are a proactive architectural firm that enjoys being involved in all phases of your real estate project. From the initial idea to the final delivery, we work closely with you. Our advice goes beyond a design on paper; we think strategically to achieve the best result. Unlike a standard architectural firm, we offer added value through our focus on aesthetics, feasibility, and cost-efficiency. Our goal is to make your building not only beautiful but also financially attractive, with an optimal price per square meter. With us by your side, you have a partner who thinks along from start to finish and contributes to the success of your project.

You can see us as an investment in your real estate project. Thanks to our smart and innovative approach, we pay for ourselves because our methods ensure that construction costs are ultimately lower.