B&B borboleta

location: Lagos, Algarve, Portugal
client: club borboleta
floorarea: 4600 ft²

This detached luxurious villa in Portugal is designed for a Dutch client, both exterior and interior. A Bed & Breakfast where the host and his wife can receive guests and together enjoy the tranquility that this great place offers.

The client's wish was to create different areas where everyone can enjoy a restful holiday in their own way. It offers the opportunity for a social gathering during a summer evening or just in private with a good book on there own terrace.

The framing of vistas, the orientation towards the sun and the flexibility of the program are elements that form the basis of this design.

The flexible use and the orientation is mainly expressed in a broad variety of places that each guest can use in their own way. Every place offers a different experience during the different seasons.

Also the design for the interior are designed by the office.

B&B borboleta01