modulair dwelling

location: international
client: private
floorarea: 500 - 2500 ft²

Simplicity. A glass corridor provides a clear structure to distribute all required rooms in a clean and simple layout. This corridor also allows for some distance between living and sleeping quarters in this single story dwelling. The patio and the fully glazed opening provide a natural transition between inside and outside. The house anchors itself in its surroundings and becomes part of it. When asked to do a universal design dwelling that could be built quickly, the idea was conceived to make this more into a building design system rather than a one off investigation.

The design concept consists of a central transparent corridor that provides access to all adjoining rooms. By increasing or decreasing the amount of rooms and adapting the configuration, a spectrum of options can be achieved. By maintaining a system of engineering and dimensions, building components can be standardized and prefabricated.

With prefabrication, the building components can fulfill more than one characteristic property that enhances its durability by increasing the efficiency of material use. Less material and proper use of materials in combination with other smart technical outfitting’s make this to be an ecological concept.

modulaire bungalow01