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hill top villa

location: Loulé, Algarve, Portugal
client: Cathamarin Hills Lda
floorarea: 4500 ft²

The Algarve, a beautiful region in Portugal, where our clients want to enjoy their holidays.

The search for a holiday villa, however, was not successful; there was an inherit lack of comfort in every single villa. The Portuguese houses are designed and built against the sun. Small windows, limited heating and poor detailing is the traditional construction. Perfect for summer but unfortunately not for the moisture and cold that Portugal frequents.

We were asked to realize the opposite: lots of light, heat, sustainable materials and a comfortable indoor climate all year round.

The framing of perspectives, the orientation towards the sun and the wind directions during all seasons are the elements that form the basis of this design.

During all seasons you can enjoy this beautiful place, both during the hot summers and the clammy cold winters.

hill top villa01