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buildings that energize you


Innovative buildings that energize and improve productivity

We create minimalist comprehensive designs that focus on the use of natural and honest materials. Essential to this process is the stunning design of natural and artificial lighting and the seamless integration of interior, structural, and technical elements. We call this our Nordic-chic style, with which we consistently achieve warm and comfortable designs.

interior rendering of a villa in Profondeville (Belgium) lowered kitchen area with fireplace and view on the mountain garden
natural and accessible visitors and information pavillion in dune landscape

In the buildings we design, natural light and comfort reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Ergonomic workspaces and communal areas in offices and businesses promote physical health by encouraging movement and activity.

Architecture extends beyond merely designing beautiful and functional buildings: buildings are instruments for specific users. They have a particular purpose, such as living or working, but they also serve as places for meeting, performing, producing, and relaxing.

We are constantly persuing innovative solutions for the challenges presented to us. Through the industrial application of materials, the integration of interior and structural elements, and efficient floor plans, our designs are also financially competitive.

The context of a building, such as sunlight and views, are essential elements for creating designs that energize the user. Inspiring architectural elements, like a well-thought-out interior design that offers peace and comfort, provide a positive experience. Creating spaces that promote social interaction enhances the functional use of a building.

We apply our proces to a wide range of building types where we have gained experience. This results in building designs where users can enhance their processes and owners can achieve higher returns from their properties. All of this with a consistent approach, yet always with a personal and unique appearance.

In dwellings, thisapproach has the same energizing effect. In luxury villas, we ensure a pleasant and logical arrangement of spaces, custom-designed to perfectly fit the desires and needs of our clients.

attractive interior with lots of natural light, beautiful materials and a light color palette
modular prefabricated flatpack holiday home that can be assembled a la carte according to your wishes

This vision also applies to generic residential buildings. Fortunately, there is increasingly more room in the market for residential construction with a high ratio of quality to cost, and our approach seamlessly aligns with this trend. We strategically allocate resources to achieve our clients' goals, carefully balancing them against cost considerations.

Given the limited availability of Earth's resources, our ultimate goal is to stop using new materials altogether and focus on maximizing reuse. This requires smart and innovative designs and more efficient use of products. Transformations themselves are already a sustainable solution. We believe that adaptive and demountable concepts are crucial and key to making sound investments. This not only positively impacts potential reuse but also facilitates future renovations.

For existing real estate, we aim to optimize energy consumption at multiple levels, focusing on sustainable generation and reducing usage. Only by aligning these two aspects can the perfect balance be achieved.

All these aspects together transform a building from a simple functional structure into a dynamic and invigorating environment where people enjoy being and where they derive energy from.