J2Creators designs buildings, spaces and places that mean more. We work together with occupants, surroundings and clients on well thought designs.


  • architecture. engineering
  • spatial design. furniture
  • industrial- and interior design
  • 2000 – 50.000 ft² floor area
  • customers, companies, developers and government
  • concept design of residential highrise
    jeen pot at construction site of prefab informationbooth at Coors interieurbouw
    jos van heerde sketching and designing

    Our clients want architectually and conceptually the highest level. We achieve the maximum by working methodically.

    We talk together about expectations, interests and intentions. We research wishes, needs and opportunities. We talk, present and stimulate until something amazing is achieved.

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    We are architects. Sometimes we are more than that, we design interiors, build objects and develop products. Are we also interior designers, artists and product designers, you ask? That's a bit boastful.

    The creative process is our theme, that's why we are first and foremost: creators.

    summerhome portugal
    detail of balconies of summerhome portugal


    Shape, size, light and material is what make up a building. Just like the interior and exterior define a building. The play between details and grand gestures. The relation with its context and surroundings. The place in past and future.
    We believe that one should work systematically for solutions that achieve -more-: architecturally and conceptually sensible.

    Creativity is an important tool in our trade, but eventually we look at the commercial aspect of what a building should be: buildable!

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    building and prefabrication model of CHDR


    Building Information Model (BIM) is a method in which a building process is approached integral. Everything that we design we put into a 3D Building Information Model.
    All participants in design, calculation, planning, supply and contracting are using an unambiguous and ordered model.


    J2Creators is a Dutch architectural firm located in The Hague.

    The firm consists of architects, engineers and interior designers: creative minds with a sense of technology and the ambition to do more for the client. We develop plans that aim to be adaptable for future changes

    Building with the future in mind

    We design with future changes as a parameter. Buildings need to be resilient to adapt to changes whether functional or environmental. Lightweight structures in systems and elements so they can be changed or reconfigured in the future. In this way we reduce materials to use less resources.

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    How do I compare you with other architects?

    We believe you should work with an architect that best suits you. Choose people that challenge you. An office that suits your project. Design skills do not depend on your budget, it depends on smart solutions and the effort of all participants to put into the project.