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buildings as instruments mean more for users and owners

Architecture goes beyond merely designing functional buildings: for us buildings are like instruments for specific users. Buildings have a specific purpose, such as living or working, but they also serve as places to meet, perform, produce, and relax.

OV fiets employee next to the new comfort service workdesk
interior of the bespoke billiards hall for the gentleman's club de Vereeniging

This requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Central to this approach is the desire for building users to perform optimally and to enjoy being there.

Our approach is independent of building type, whether it involves the transformation of an existing property or new construction on undeveloped land. Our approach works for both tenants and owners of existing or yet-to-be-developed real estate.

Our concept to viewing buildings as instruments, enhances the quality of real estate. This means we consider not only functional and aesthetic aspects, but also the impact on daily life. This enhances the use of the building, for example as a business or office. Our buildings serve as functional tools that enhance the user experience.

The ultimate user experience

The quest for improved user well-being is paramount. We create inviting and bright spaces for social interaction, such as shared spaces that encourage user meetings.

Whether offices, industry or factories are involved, the symbiosis between human labor and tools ensures an ultimate experience. These are places that energize you!

In industry, infrastructure, and mobility, it is customary to consider the functionality and effectiveness. This is also a field in which we are successful. Our approach seamlessly aligns with functional processes, but adds additional layers. Aesthetic and human touch ensure further optimization in use and experience.

We design adaptable and sustainable spaces, also called future-proof buildings. These spaces can easily be adapted to changing needs and uses. The designed flexibility also allows spaces to be used multifunctionally, making them more efficient and better meeting the needs of users. Our focus on sustainability ensures buildings that are energy-efficient and nature-inclusive.

Our pragmatic approach enables us, together with our clients, to make an optimal balance between bespoke design, generic solutions and finance. Greenery and natural elements are integrated to enhance the living environment and strengthen the feeling of connection with nature. This contributes to the experience of space and improves its use.

In short, architecture as an instrument creates living environments that contribute to well-being, interaction, and connection with the community and nature.

interior reception sunlit with a fully glazed corner and view on nature