renovation historical house

location: Kepplerstraat, Den Haag
floorarea: 1500 ft²

The client's wish was to transform the downstairs garage into a functional and comfortable study and living room with enough space to work and give workshops but als to relax and play.

We designed a large furniture like structure that spans the entire room. This piece consists of a kitchen with lots of storage space but also serves as a podium with working area and a build-in woodstove.The furniture divides the room into several unique areas. Dad can sit down and relax to read a book next to the stove while the children do their homework at the desk on the podium. The furniture extends outwards into the garden. Interior and exterior are seamlessly connected. The outdoor stair that is incoorporated into the furniture provides access to the firstfloor roof terrace.
A six meter long skylight is added to the roof terrace to provide an enormous amount of daylight access to the groundfloor.

The design incoorporated the client's wish for an industrial look and feel. Strong materials in light colours with a contrasting vibrant furniture in yellow provides a warm but contrasting play of materials. The original steel structure will be displayed in the new space.

renovatie kepplerstraat den haag01