transformation dwelling to offices

location: Laan van NOI, Den Haag
client: korenhof en partners
floorarea: 4600 ft²

For two mansions in The Hague, the question was to merge these two buildings into one office, insuring that future growth of the office can be accommodated and employees can be offered a high-quality work environment.

We have made a design in which a central core connects the surrounding office spaces. The core provides a clear layout that also offers the necessary flexibility for the future. There are clear lines of sight between different areas, which promotes communication and interaction between the employees. The necessary storage area is concealed in the central core.

The general concept is clear and fresh, while the core is like a sculpture in space. The use of warm materials in combination with greenery has been chosen. This not only serves for a pleasant working atmosphere, but also contributes to better air quality.

renovatie kantoorgebouw Laan van NOI01