Carved Cultural Center

location: La Manzanilla, Mexico
client: community of Los Ingenios
floorarea: 1500 ft²

This beautiful spot, towering high above the surrounding steppes, requires a careful integration of the building into the landscape. Respecting the environment, the mountain and the forest, the cultural center `CARVEDĀ“ is designed in such a way that it blends in. It is carved out like a sculpture. Only a few incisions allow a glimpse of the building that is embedded in the mountain. By the use of natural, local materials and colors the building adds itself to its environment.

From the town La Semilla de los Ingenios and the eco-village a path winds up through the forest, to the cultural center. On top of the mountain, you will see nothing but trees and plants, with only a narrow opening, carved out of rock. This crop provides access to the building. While entering the building, the circular area unfolds inside the mountain. A route leads you through various exhibition spaces, both indoor and outdoor. Like the exhibited art, the beautiful surroundings are framed like a painting by the building.

mexico cultural center01