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The employee

The employee of the bicycle storage of the Dutch Railways(NS) is the most important part of the service that NS provides to her visitors. Here they can get information about the bicycle storage, request help with storing a bike and report problems. During rush hours these employees are mainly working in the main entrance area of the bicycle storage. Service is provided in place and partly take place in outside weather conditions.

klant voor de balie
frontaal beeld balie in situ met winkel op achtergrond


An important consideration during the design of the service counter is the comfort of the employee who works at the counter. The counter must be prefabricated and removable so there is as little disruption to the process as possible. Additionally the concept is uniformity with the appearance of similar objects within the station.

The most important aspect of the design is the protection of the employee against het elements. The Netherlands can be fairly cold and windy. Simultaneously the concept of hospitality demands an open and transparent counter with an inviting atmosphere.


Besides the comfort of the employ it is off course mandatory that the counter looks attractive and fits within the corporate identity of the Dutch Railways (NS). The service counter has to be clearly organised so visitors can easily see there they can easily see where they should go and know what to do. Alternatively the counter has to be fitted out with the necessary equipment - for instance to arrange for contactless check in for bikes. This provides the employee with the means to provide service quickly and effectively.

With an analytical design approach and an intensive corporation between all stakeholders and users we have designed a generic concept that can fulfill its purpose in multiple circumstances and on different locations. The counter is raised from the cold floor with insulation and equipped with local electric heating to keep the employee comfortable. The external shape of the counter and the orientation are optimized to resist as much draft as possible.

In short, the service counter for the bicycle storage for the Dutch Railways is prefabricated, removable and protects against the weather. In such a way the employee has a comfortable workspace. An service counter that plays an important role in the service of NS.

tekening met uitleg
rendering balie vrijstaand voorzijde
rendering balie vrijstaand vanaf bikelane