location: Profondeville, Belgium
area: 1600 ft²

Profondeville, a beautiful area in the Belgian Ardennes. A lot of privacy and also openness and lots of daylight were the wishes of our clients. A home specially designed for all ages with enough space for all (grand) children. A home for our clients to enjoy their well-deserved retirement.

The slopes terrain made a direct view into the house impossible, yet a fairly closed facade was chosen to strengthen this feeling of privacy. The rear facade, on the other hand, is made entirely of glass. This accentuates the connection between inside and outside and allows residents to enjoy the peace and greenery of the nature.

The design stays true to the traditional house with a gabled roof. This is however the only reference to tradition in this modern detailed design. The building is made of laminated wooden trusses that remain visible in the house and are covered with prefabricated wooden fa├žade elements.

exterior front elevation