location: Rhenen
client: private
floorarea: 5200 ft²

A beautiful green plot full of trees, on the edge of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This villa has been designed for this beautiful context. While the front the villa looks quite static, the back opens up completely towards the trees and the forest while still letting the the sunlight flow into the building.

The wish of our clients was twofold: a lot of openness and light, but also sufficient privacy. In addition, they were charmed by clean lines and large canopies.
We positioned the enclosed functions at the front, which leaves spaces for functions like the living room and the kitchen to bathe in the light, overlooking the green garden.

We also used the slight inclination of the plot. The front of the villa overhangs the garage with glass doors, where the client can exhibit his beautiful cars. One enters the villa on the first floor. However, due to the height difference in the plot the ground floor is still on the level as the terrace at the rear. The second floor is slightly set back main facade. This ensures the optimal privacy and lovely balconies for a drink in the evening sun.