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Smart and innovative architecture stems from our constant wish to explore new insights and innovations both within and outside construction technology.

Thanks to our broad interest and experience in various fields such as architecture, construction technology, materials science, furniture building, and sustainability, we can develop new ideas and approaches to improve the way we build.

reuse of school building through building on top and adding to the existing constrution for the Junius site in Delft
office next to the Peace Palace in The Hague, working in 3D on a Building information model

This multidisciplinary approach allows us to think creatively and find innovative solutions to challenges in construction, such as optimizing energy efficiency, reducing waste, and creating healthier and more comfortable living environments.

We recognize the crucial role of cost efficiency in our projects. This begins with identifying and analysing changes in the construction sector. Additionally, we continually challenge contractors to think beyond conventional building methods. This often leads to optimizations in execution that we then use to increase the efficiency of our clients' budgets.

Our designs are simplified to meet all key principles and are documented in a Building Information Model (BIM). This gives us maximum control over the design process and enables us to identify potential pitfalls early on. Collaboration with engineers, contractors, and other experts allows us to develop smart, innovative architecture. Close cooperation leverages everyone's expertise and results in synergies that enhance the efficiency and quality of the project.

This enables us to fulfill our clients' wishes within budget and create buildings that energize people.

We implement sustainable construction methods, such as using appropriate materials, energy‑efficient systems, and renewable energy sources, including active and passive solar energy. This way, we create innovative and sustainable solutions that not only meet current needs but also accommodate future use scenarios.

Prefabrication and remountable construction are possible outcomes of our design concepts. This increases the efficiency of the construction process, shortens on‑site construction time, and minimizes material waste. Additionally, demountable construction allows for the production of high‑quality and uniform building elements that can be easily reused.

Thus, we fulfill the goal of creating buildings that are more than just accommodation: they are instruments.

Smarter in adaptive architecture

A crucial aspect of our innovative approach is our focus on adaptive architecture. This means that our buildings are designed with daily adaptability in mind, allowing users to modify the space as they wish. Whether it's changing the layout for a new function or adjusting the space for a specific activity, our designs offer the flexibility to meet various needs.

In addition to daily adaptability, our buildings also offer process adaptability. This means that our constructions seamlessly allow for changes in processes, expandability, and densification. Thanks to this flexibility, buildings can be adapted to change of use without major renovations. This keeps our buildings relevant and usable, even as users or user needs change.

Our multidisciplinary approach and innovative solutions ensure that we not only meet current requirements but also anticipate future needs. This makes our buildings sustainable, flexible, and future-proof. In this way, we not only create buildings but also spaces that contribute to a better living environment and the well-being of their users.

innovative use of existing and available materials for new purposes