theatre on the boulevard Scheveningen, The Hague

location: Boulevard Noorderstrand, Scheveningen, Den Haag
floorarea: 15000 ft²

This theatre and exhibition space is located on the periphery of the boulevard and the beach in Scheveningen. This ingredient is an integral part of the design concept, where the building provides a dialogue with both the beachgoer and the strolling pedestrian on the boulevard.

The function as theatre and exhibition space is also an attraction for visitors besides the sunny summer days. The building negotiates with pedestrians by having the boulevard integrated in the roof of the building. As such it provides additional unique perspectives for the gallivanting pedestrians and also gives a sneak preview into the large auditorium from the roof.
For the beachgoer the building offers a platform for music and theatre performances in the evening because the main auditorium can be completely opened towards the beach. Thus a completely outfitted stage is within reach of the beach.
The permanent restaurant in the building further elongates the seasonal usage.

theater aan de boulevard Scheveningen01