gentlemen's club de vereeniging

floorarea: 10.000 ft²

In 1853, the estate - Villa "Welgelegen" - was bought from the legacy of King Willem II. In this villa you will now find the bar, the library and the kitchen of sociëteit de vereeniging. The current large hall - the beating heart of the sociëteit - got its current form in the period 1871 and 1883, the conservatory was built in 1905

First of all, the billiard room has been given a makeover. Subsequently, the design for the transformation of the spaces above the sociëteit was started. These spaces are currently used as support areas for the sociëteit, including housing.

The proposed design incoorporates four high-quality apartments with private outdoor space and multiple bedrooms.

The sociëteit also gets a new entrance and conservatory. This space forms a link between the existing historical large hall, the bar and the billiard rooms, integrating them more into a single building. Due to the use of movable parts, however, they can still be used separately.

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