A 360 degree approach

What is architecture? What -makes- a building?

Shape, size, light and material make a building. Just like the interior and exterior give shape to a building. The play between details and large gestures. The relationship with location and context. The place in the past and future.

We systematically research all these characteristics and look at an issue from all angles
This way of designing works to our advantage:

  • we keep an open mind
  • we design integrated solutions
  • we create time for inventiveness

  • open-minded

    We love clients who come to us with a strong idea. That may be a broad scheme or a specific detail. That may seem like an easy scheme or a wild adventure.
    It is up to us to systematically further extend these ideas: architecturally and conceptually well thought out.

    jeen pot and jos van heerde sketching and designing
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    Creativity is an important tool in our profession. We are looking for inventive solutions for spatial and technical challenges.
    Sometimes it feels like we are artists or inventors, we are not afraid of wild ideas or unconventional solutions.
    In the end, we take a businesslike approach to what a building should be: what are the consequences of aesthetical choices, how do we guarantee optimal use and how can it be built in the most efficient way?