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"the real estate agent advised me to ask J2Creators"

client, The Hague 2023

Real estate agent

After an extensive search for a new home, in which our client called upon the expertise of real estate agent Maxime Hendrickx OG, the need arose for an exceptional design for the renovation of her new property. She aspired to more than a conventional renovation. On Maxime's advice, she decided to work with J2Creators to design and supervise a total renovation and extension.

The collaboration between our client, J2Creators and the contractor resulted in an end product that far exceeded expectations.

exisiting building
sliding door with open corner
rendering of extension

Light and spaciousness

The location of the house met all our clients wishes, but the space inside and the interior left much to be desired. The original '50-s layout of the house was largely retained, with a narrow vestibule, a tight staircase and a small kitchen on one side of the floor plan, and the living and dining room on the other. In addition, the building had been expanded in the past with a basement, which was originally intended as a work space with a separate exterior entrance. This cellar had been neglected over time and reduced to just a storage space by the previous owner.


The brief included an extensive renovation and restructuring of the floors for a family of three, with an emphasis on creating more light, openness and space. The ground floor needed to be upgraded and extended to meet this requirement, including the basement as an essential part of the home. The aim was to integrate the basement seamlessly into the ground floor living space, whilst also allowing it to serve as a separate and versatile space for reading, games, music, TV and storage.


During the design, the layout of the floors was revised and four design options were considered for the extension of the living room and the connection with the basement. Ultimately, the spacious variant was chosen, which offers a good balance between the integration and separation of the ground floor and the basement, with sufficient daylight for the basement.

Although we and the client wanted a modern contrast with the monumental block, the welstandscommissie demanded that the design respects the existing architecture. We succeeded in realizing a design that met both the wishes of the client and the municipal requirements.

kitchen island with seating
seamless stair
sketches with multiple options for the extension
dining area with stair to basement
custom kitchen


In addition, we have designed an extensive range of tailor-made furniture elements for this home, carefully tailored to the specific wishes and needs of our client. Custom-made bathrooms, wardrobe facilities and a spacious walk-in closet in the master bedroom have been created on the floors, all developed in collaboration with Visker Interieurbouw.
The kitchen, a true eye-catcher, has been designed with the utmost care, where we created a harmonious basis for the kitchen living room with a subtle play of neutral colors and warm tones.
A basis that offers our client the freedom to further develop her personal style with additional styling elements.

sliding doors with open corner and access to terrace

We have opted for durable and easy-to-maintain PVC floor covering on the upper floors. For the ground floor, on the other hand, we opted for a synthetic floor, carried out with precision by DRT Vloeren. This floor extends from the existing floor into the extension, without any visible transition, and is equipped with underfloor heating for optimal comfort.

The different floors are seamlessly connected by the renovated stairwell with anthracite paneling, which ensures a harmonious coherence.

In the basement we have created a perfect balance between storage space, serene elegance and maximizing natural daylight.

renovated staircase
bathroom with custom furniture
cabinets in natural materials with integrated doorway
living room with synthetic flooring
vestibule with full glazed door
renovated round staircase
dining table, plant photo wallpaper and open kitchen with island
rear facade

We deliberately chose light and natural colors and materials to create a feeling of spaciousness. Our minimalist design maintains a human touch without sacrificing the tranquility we wanted to achieve. The access door to the practical laundry and utility room is seamlessly integrated into the custom-made storage furniture, creating a harmonious piece of furniture.

A total renovation, thanks to our client and the collaboration with Bouwlinq, how we like to carry it out. A result to be proud of.