a lantern for Woensel West

location: Woensel West, Eindhoven
floorarea: 4500 ft²

For the quarter Woensel West we create a platform where local residents can meet. This gives them the opportunity to contribute actively and socialy to the new Woensel West. A social active intervention, a program around the clock and the sharing of expertise. For residents of Woensel West, and by residents of Woensel West!
Our concept for this location is a lantern. A solid concrete plinth topped with three different white luminous volumes. A place that is being used as a bustling shop or workshop at daytime, while the collective light source offers security and safety in the night.
The design consists of three commuting lofts where small independents can run a business. Think of a sewing workshop, a web designer or a hobby club for children: professional independants who often work from home. The program of the white volumes respond to the three urban sightlines which make this location special. A solid core with the structural interior gives a free layout. The volume cantilevers where necessary and pulls back at the location of the treetops.

A lantern to illuminate Woensel West.

lichtpunt woensel west01