Attic interior Delft

location: Delft
client: private
floorarea: 300 ft²

With two growing children, this traditional 1930s house was on the small side. We were asked to turn the storage attic into a master bedroom for the parents. Instead of converting the space into a bedroom, storage and a separate bathroom, we took a more integrated approach. The result is optimal use of space and a fine, harmonious design.

Simplicity in production was a focus point from the start. In particular to keep costs low. We have therefore deliberately designed with the generic dimensions of standardized cabinet frames. With the aim of realizing a high-quality plan through standardization and a number of beautiful exclusive products.
We got quotes quite early, but despite the fairly simple plan, the results were very high indications. The client then decided to carry out the work themselves on the basis of our drawings and got relevant specialists involved where necessary.

With good drawings, it turned out that despite the very limited experience and construction knowledge of the client, they were able to do complete this themselves.

zolder delft01