listed residential dwelling Harlingen

location: Zuiderhaven, Harlingen
floorarea: 1500 ft²

With beautiful views of the Zuiderhaven – the tidal harbor for commercial and private sailing ships, this listed dwelling sits on a exquisite location. For a private client in Harlingen, a design has been made to renovate and modernize it. The property has a number of historical features which have been restored, such as the vestibule, the en suite and an old bedside. The ground floor with a very impressive free height of 4 meters was originally connected to the first floor with a staircase as steep as a ladder. The upper floors themselves had only a free height of 2.20 meters, partially under a pitched roof.

The limited free height combined with an enclosed depth of the building of 13 meter meant no spatial quality. The first floor is largely opened up to create more space by taking space from the attic. In addition, the newly designed staircase with a skylight provides the home with a plethora of natural light right in the center of the house. The staircase was designed for maximum comfort with a relatively steep incline.

renovatie monument zuiderhaven 5901