renovatie woongebouw kanaleneiland

locatie:Kanaleneiland, Utrecht
opdrachtgever: Europan10
oppervlakte: 24.400 m²

Besides discussions mainly focusing on the total district and the lower economic status, much has also been said and is still being said about the northern quarter of Kanaleneiland. One of the main questions here is whether to built new houses or renovate the current residences. The goal is to mix the current inhabitants with more people from a higher social-economic status, which is mostly encouraged by the current inhabitants.
The urban interventions we propose will result in better programmatic connections, better arranged and better defined public spaces and eminent green. The new buildings will perform as a strong visual boundary for the district as well as for the city itself, they present new architectural shape and space and a variety of different apartments to Kanaleneiland.
The introduction of a gradually changing transition from public to private including collective spaces should stimulate social interaction implying a better social control.
We present our model consisting of all the ingredients for boosting Kanaleneiland to become a beautiful attractive location for its dwellers and to the rest of the citizens of Utrecht.

renovatie woongebouw kanaleneiland01